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Hi mommies, anyone of u did preg test via blood test before? If yes, how many days/weeks prior to missed period?

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I did. Was at week 4. I had spotting n my period didn’t come. I tested +ve with test kit. Went to gynae. But too early so she suggest to use blood test to see. But for blood test need to go back again in 2 days to test again to see if hcg increase.

Nope, cos blood test needs a longer time for confirmation and not all clinics do. I just did two urine sticks test with Clearblue normal and Clearblue digital. The digital one shows roughly how many weeks pregnant. Then I just scheduled for gynae.

Tested positive with urine test at home and went to GP next day to confirmed pregnancy with blood test, get to know the blood test result within same day.

I did, 3 days after missed period to confirm my positive home pregnancy test which i did on the 1st day of missed period, came out positive. 🤗

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I did, right after home pregnancy test was positive. 4 days after missing my periods.

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The usual pregnancy test kit as the first step. 2-3 days after missed the period

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I think the easiest way to test for pregnancy is via urine test.

I got mine done a day after a phpt. 6 days after missed period

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I didn’t. Even if I go doctor, they only do urine test?

No, i did a preg test kit and straightaway an ultrasound