How many are actually willing to try out new ideas for sexual desire with your spouse? Are everyone so adventurous?

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I do. I tried doing it in public place like in an open area only we did it when the elecreicity was off all throughout the whole town. We sometimes did it in an open field and stopped whenever someone would passed by. I onw time initiated stripping off my clothes whiles he's watching and did all the work after, ordering him not to touch me. And used somw ice, lwt it sliding to his body downwards, kissing him with the ice and so many other things to mention. Kind of exciting and until now we treasured those experiences.

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trying out new ideas and poses is always a great way to keep your sex life interesting and keep your bonding with your partner going great. not to forget the fact that it can turn out to be a really satisfying and amazing experience too

I like to think that I am quite adventurous in that area haha. I say try everything once, keep the good ones and never try the awkward bad ones ever again. I think secretly, everyone has an adventurous "side".

I am willing to try out. Afterall trying out new ideas and position bring a exciting feel and anticipation to sex every single time!

willing to want to and really want to, but the only problem is that the partner should also be willing to do so :(

The truth is, the more adventurous you become on sexual intercourse, your love intensifies as well.

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Yes i am willing to try to spice up the sex life

Definitely game in trying new sexcapades.

Of course

Of course