Any pregnancy signs 1-3 days after intercourse

Hi mummies, just out of curiosity, do some of you experience any pregnancy signs and symptoms just few days after intercourse before missing your period or using the pregnancy test kit?

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yes for me! I started having morning sickness 5 days after intercourse which was super unbelievable!I have used pregnancy test kit right after but hormones were not very high yet so it can't detect that I was pregnant. I I tested again after I missed my menses and I was pregnant!!!

3mo ago

not so much bloating but my morning sickness was really bad. threw up after every meal during the first trimester

Not at all, it will always be the missing period days after which we will then check with kit then symptoms starts coming in weeks after confirm test.

Yes for me too. I became overly tired n hungry.

3mo ago

Hi did you experience some bloating in your tummy too? :)