How do you know if your kid has adhd?

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To be diagnosed with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a child will display symptoms of one of the three types of ADHD. The symptoms for each type include (taken from Inattentive type (child must display six out of nine symptoms) - Not paying attention to detail - Making careless mistakes - Failing to pay attention and keep on task - Not listening - Being unable to follow or understand instructions - Avoiding tasks that involve effort - Being distracted - Being forgetful - Losing things that are needed to complete tasks Hyperactive-impulsive type (child must display six out of nine symptoms) - Fidgeting - Squirming - Getting up often when seated - Running or climbing at inappropriate times - Having trouble playing quietly - Talking too much - Talking out of turn or blurting out - Interrupting - Often “on the go” as if “driven by a motor” Combined type (Shows symptoms of both inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive types) In general, the key point to note in trying to figure out if a child has ADHD is whether or not he/she suffers any impairment in their ability to inhibit and control impulses, which often affects his/her learning or function. For example, a chld with ADHD finds it difficult to process information. He/she is unable to “slow down” to take in the information. This poses as an issue in the classroom since children are expected to make sense of the information within a short period of time. Another common problem a child with ADHD faces is a struggle with execution functions such as organizing, planning, prioritizing, paying attention to and remembering details. A child with ADHD often also becomes easily overwhelmed and frustrated, and has trouble regulating their emotions. If you suspect your child of having ADHD, it is best to consult a doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist for a formal evaluation.

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Here are some signs you can look out if you suspect that a child has ADHD: - A child with ADHD will have difficulty finishing a task, even the simplest ones. His or her attention span will be short, to say the least, but what is striking is that a child with ADHD will be looking to the next task before really even starting the present one. - He or she will likely have a more difficult time in following instructions and processing information compared to peers his/her age. - A child with ADHD will ramble on and on about whatever comes into their head and repeat things over and over. - He or she is excessively active - always moving and jumping etc, basically it's very difficult for them to sit still, even for a while. - Children with ADHD are often the most creative and imaginative. They will tell the most fantastical stories and will have a really creative imagination. You can read more about signs of ADHD in a child here:

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Just for your peace of mind, you may take her to a Developmental Pediatrician :)