Warming breastmilk

How do i warm up breastmilk from the fridge? I havent bought my warmer yet

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I bought Lollababy bottle warmer as I using Hegen bottle to store cos my bm not much. Otherwise you can also try tomme tippee warmer, if not wrong can heat up milk storage bag. For me, I find that using these warmer just to make sure not overheat (too hot to consume and loss nutrition)

Just use anything from a cup to bowl whatever you can find, put your pack of breastmilk in and fill it with hot water then wait for a few minutes till it's warm then transfer to feeding bottle or can also put directly in the feeding bottle then pour hot water onto it.

I've never used a warmer. just do it the traditional old school way. Put hot water in a metal cup then put the milk bottle in. within 5 mins the milk will be warm.

I pour hot water into a big cup. Take the bottle and soak in the hot water. 5min later, it be warm. I didn’t buy any warmer at all

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You can use a thermal flask. Just put your breastmilk bag into a flask of hot water for few minutes

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Yeah, put your breast milk pkt in a cup of 1/3 hot water. Wait for a few mins and it will be ready

Hot boiling water