How can I increase the appetite of my one yr old.... she is very fuzzy eater. Also her weight is 8.5 kg. Is this normal as her birth weight was 2.5 kg?

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hi mom, here is a link i found that will help you calculate the ideal weight for your baby, but i would still suggest you speak to baby's doc about it at 1 year of age, your baby will start getting fussy, as she will become more independent. i used to try different activities around food time, such as reading out loud, playing with finger puppets, blocks, balls and such, all the while making my babies eat too. i suggest you try the same as well.

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i am not sure if you can really increase the appetite, but what you need to try and do is make your baby eat. you can try diverting your baby's attention at meal times by reading out picture books or letting your baby colour while you feed her. also, you can now let her sit together with the family at meal times and encourage her to eat on her own. help break up a paratha for her and show her how she can eat on her own. i am sure it will fuel some interest in her :)

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Your baby's weight is perfctly normal comparing to her birth weight. As per pediatrician my baby whose birth weight was 2.9 was suppose to be 8.6(triple her birth weight) by her 1st birthday. I had given pharmaton kiddy syrup to my baby as suggested by my pediatrician. N it had helped her increase appetite

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sometime baby lazy eat,try to make some food beautiful face,maybe she like it


Story telling. It works though. Gotta be patient.