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Hi my baby girl birth weight was 3.8 kg.. now she is 4+months and her weight is 8 kg. I went to doctor PD and he said she is big baby and need to control her weight, she is exclusively on breastfeed. How to control weight???? Is it really a matter of concern? She is active at 3.5 months she started flipping from back to tummy. Please suggest/advice m stressing out because of doc comment..:( P.S. i went to doc because there is sudden change in her poop. She used to poop once in a day but now from 8 days she is passing motion 7-8 times a day which is not watery but frequent.

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my daughter is currently 4 months old & weighs 8.5kg. Her birth weight was 3.2kg & was already 4.9kg when she turn 1 month old , went to visit the pd & he said she was feeding too much as well & asked us to cut down her feeding. But personally I felt that if your child is happy & sleeping well , I don’t feel that the need to cut down their intake of milk , once they start to learn how to crawl & run around playing they will slowly lose those baby weight:)

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7mo ago

Thanks Mommy! This is so relaxing

child's weight is not all about the feeding , sometimes a healthy sleep routine and and body type matters. if your child has no symptom of any negative health issue then no need to worry especially as child is on breastfeeding.

7mo ago

Her sleep routine is good.. she take atleast 13-15 hours sleep.. thnx mommy