Baby weight

Hi My is 3 months his weight is 4.3kg and birth weight was 2 kg is it normal? If not what can i do to increase ?

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As long as she’s within the curve in the health booklet, eating well and has sufficient wet diapers, it shouldnt be a concern. Does your 3m old still cry many times a day? If she does, it could also be insufficient milk. My daughter was 3.2kg at birth but her weight dropped to 2.9 in a week. It was then I realised that I dont have sufficient milk for her. So i supplement her with Formula milk after breastfeeding. In a week, she gained back her weight. Her last weight was 6.2kg at 2m old. Pls do not be bothered by other kids weight. As long as she is within the curve, all should be fine. Else can consult the pedi on your next appointment.

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It’s okay as long as baby is healthy! Drinking milk fine, sleeping well and pooping not a concern! My baby is 11 months and 7kg only! Birth weight 3kg she’s v v skinny cause she’s super active!