How early can I start preparing my child for primary school ? He's currently 6 months.

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Awww I hope you don't start too early and too vigourously. Personally, I'd prefer if children learnt at a natural, gradual pace. Sure, you should equip them with the basics (literacy, math and social skills) but I feel that everything else should come naturally. If your child has a natural talent for music or sports, by all means, encourage it but it shouldn't be forced. Most of us did not go through our early years preparing for primary school specifically and we turned out fine. I understand the world is a different place now and keeping our kids competitive is important but it shouldn't eat up their childhood. If it were me, I'd gradually teach them the basics as they are growing and maybe start emphasizing those skills when they enter kindergarten.

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I would focus on his baby milestones first as according to research, these milestones strengthen the brains which eventually helps in academic