How early can you take a pregnancy kit test for pregnancy?

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most of us end up making the mistake of taking the pregnancy test too early. the second time my doctor told me to wait for 10 days before i took the test. for the first 8 to 10 days, your body will not show up the pregnancy positive line as clear as it will show it later. i think once you miss your periods, wait for at least 10 days and then take the test. take a look at the link below

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2y ago

before this, i missed my period just for two days and already pregnant for 5 weeks 😌 is it too late?

Ako, since alam ko naman ang ginawa namen ng asawa ko, after 10 days ng ginawa namen naka kita nko ng result, bale 2beses ako naag test, last sunday positive then inulit ko nung monday, positive talaga. Yung early detection preg.kit ang binili ko sa watsons, pink test.

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7mo ago

Mag kano heheh

I managed to test positive 1 day right after I have missed my period for my first 2 pregnancies. I used clearblue digital pregnancy test kit to test. I really like this brand as it will tell me whether I am pregnant or not and current weeks of pregnancy. I used pregnancy strips before and it made me more confused as the line will not be cleared during initial days. For pregnancy no.3, I did not have mense and it was interesting enough I have intuition/five sense that I might be pregnant and it turned out positive. If you do not wish to do home test, you can visit any GP to do a blood test to check your HCG level to confirm pregnancy immediately too.

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One week delays

I took my test 1 day after I missed my period as I was so sure I was pregnant. My morning sickness was so fast it began few days after conception. It is best to take the test 1-2 weeks after your missed period as the hormone levels should be sufficient enough to detect a pregnancy but it may or may not be accurate. I took my second test a week after my missed period and the line was so faint compared to my first test.

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I took the pregnancy test kit 4 days after I missed by period. It was a faint line, so I wasn't convinced. I then bought Clearblue Digital and got a positive out from it. My advice is to take at least 2 test kits in different days as pregnancy test kits are not 100% accurate.

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Pregnancy test kit work by detecting the presence of hormone hCG in the urine. Within the first few weeks of implantation, the amount of hCG secreted by the woman’s body doubles every 48-72 hours. Hence, by 7 to 10 days after ovulation, a highly sensitive home pregnancy kit should be able to detect the hCG present in the urine. As a gauge, since not everyone is keeping track of her ovulation dates, one could take the test around one week after a missed period. Here is an article on the accuracy of pregnancy test kits:

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7 days po

One week

Take it like after 5days