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How do you dry ur lo one hair? I'm keep asking me to use hair dryer to dry my Lo's hair. Do you use hair dryer to dry it too or use towel dry will do? Coz my LO always stay in the air conditioner room. My girl reaching 6 months old

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my lo have thick hair but i just use towel to dry. i think hair dryer too warm for them to take it, maybe? and also with the sudden blow on their head. i usually off the aircon when im gg to shower my LO and went im dressing her after that. bc they can get super cold and to prevent getting cold too. so i just towel dry and wait abt 30mins to 1hr before on aircon again.

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I use towel and make sure dry already before bringing to aircon room. Chinese there's a saying call jing feng not good for baby

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perhaps my kids had too little hair but they dry really fast... should be fine drying with warm air

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I towel dry my children’s hair

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i just dry use towel