how does contraction feel like? just to be sure and prepared.. as i have a few weeks left to my due date

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Intensed cramps (like period cramps but worse) which made me breathless. Can’t sit/walk/lay down. Even standing hurts. Download a contraction app to keep track when you think you’re having a contraction so you can get to the hospital in time.

It’s really really bad cramps. I wasn’t too sure as to what it would feel like too before I experienced my contractions. When it happened I remember thinking, there is definitely NO MISTAKING that this is the start of my labour lol.


I specifically told my gynae that I want to feel the pain thus no epidural. It is much more intense than normal menstrual cramp. You will know when the pain is about to come.

Cramp that's on and off come and go depends on which stage of labor you're in. Frequency and period of time getting closer and longer.

So hard to describe but its just like u had a bad stomache ache and u feel like pooping but just can't and the pain is all along .

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U will know it.. feels one kind of a pain.. period cramps x100 wana die but cnt die kind of feeling hhahhaahah

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Like somebody is squeezing the life out of you 😅 But truly, a life does come out from you 😁👶🏻

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Very intense pain. Something u have never felt before in ur live😅

It is smthg like period cramp but even more painful.

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It's very sharp cramp/pain, come and go..