How do you decide which set of grandparents you and the kids spend the festivals and holidays with? With both our families in town, we are trying to come up with a system what will please everyone.

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My in laws are in Korea and the Lunar New Year is celebrated in both Korea and Singapore. This year, we celebrated it in Singapore, but I'm thinking of bringing her there next year to participate in the festivities. It's not fair to my in laws if they don't get to see their grand daughter during the festive season. You can take turns. Spend Christmas with one side and New Year with another. Or hold a big celebration and invite both sides!

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You can host the celebration at your own house and invite both sets of grandparents over. That is what I do so that they will not feel left out and they can spend time with the kids together. I often find them chatting among themselves too! I think this is a great arrangement.

I would arrange on availability but prioritise my parents first if they are free. In Thailand, we usually arrange at the same event because of everyone is so close.