How do you all decide on which hospital for delivery? My dr delivers only at Mt E, Mt A and TMC. I didn't have a good experience when I was warded in Mt A general ward though.

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Go for hospital tour. See yourself and feel it. Especially take note of the nurse there as they will be the one with you most of the time.

I gave birth to my son at mount A. The nurses were super friendly. Same. My gynae also had e same list of hospitals, mt A, mt E n tmc

I will choose Mt E orchard with presidential suite room, because I will birth 2 twin babies over sectio caesar

I give birth at KKH, cheaper and also before the private became popular most of the child was born in KKH.


I didnt have a good experience at mount a so im gg to try out tmc for #2 if there is a #2


I've no choice, follow my gynae You may request maternity tour

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Go for the hospital tour? I went for TMC

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My gynae at TMC and I went for a tour.

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I followed my Gynae.