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Hihi, wanna help my baby to establish a breakfast routine however understand from my infant care, they are giving cerelac to baby. For 6 months onwards, they will be giving rice & mixed fruits for every morning between 8am to 9am. I am worry of the added sugar but if I don’t let they feed, i only can feed him around evening time which mostly will be after 7pm… and per day only 1 meal… will like to check with others mummy… what is your decision? Let infant feed and come back at least u can let him try other taste?

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I send my girl to ifc at 8mo, they already give her 3 meals (breakfast, lunch & tea break) and even replace 2 milk feeds . They feed cerelac too and although I don’t like it, I go with the flow. Anyway, the menu wil change once ur baby grow older and Ifc will rotate menu too . At 6mo, you can start serving only 1 meal (ie: breakfast at ifc). But if you are concern on what ifc serve, maybe u can ask if u can bring own food and ask them feed? Otherwise give baby breakfast before gg to ifc? Although I don’t agree with some of the food choice that Ifc serve, I go with the flow. And to my surprise, she is able to handle a lot of texture and is exposed to many foods . And she only get to eat cerelac in sch . I don’t serve all these at home. So I will say it’s ur comfort level.

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Yea same too. So I just let her eat whatever they serve. You can ask if there options. Eg: they offer my girl cereals (plain or honeystars), I told them just give plain

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Hi hun. I think, since baby is on infant care during the day, check if they can allow you to give them your prefered ( you need to prepare before hand) to feed your baby. If not you just need to understand and also, i have fed my baby cerelac rice before. To my understanding, the rice cerelac has no added sugar, no additives, no preservatives.

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Put mid-day some rice mix instead of cerelac