Hi mums, I will be getting back to work soon. I have a 5 month old daughter and need to make childcare arrangement for her, for approximately 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. So I want some suggestions from all mums for nannies or daycare. Thanks. Btw I am still confused about daycare.

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There are a couple of options for you. There are pros and cons to every option so you need to figure out what works better for you. 1. Get a domestic helper to care for your child. Most mums are not 100% comfortable leaving their child in the care of a domestic helper. So it will be good if you have another family member (the grandparents/aunts) who is able to supervise what goes on in the house too. 2. Get a nanny. Most nannies help to take care from 7am to 7pm. There is the options of them coming over to your place or you putting your baby in the nanny's house. 3. Place your child in infantcare. You can look for infantcare centres near to your place. The teachers are trained and your baby will also be engaged in activities throughout the day. Some mummies have shared that there is a tendency for their lo to fall sick more often though as they are exposed to more viruses as compared to home.

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Hiya, I think you will have to see what works for you. If you are going back to full time work then a daycare centre might be your best option. There are plenty of good ones to choose from. Also make sure you check out the government subsidies you are eligible for. It can really help with the cost. But if it is part time work that you are going to and your hours are predictable then perhaps a nanny at home might be a good idea.

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If I had a family member who could supervise I would definitely have hired a helper. She not only can take care of baby in the comfort of the home she can also ease my burdens of the chores to be done.

That might be infant care options for young babies. Seems like they are pretty popular, so will need to check with your preferred places. Childcare seems to start at 18mo only.