Hi mummies, would like to confirm whether my pump flange is too big for me? I'm using Spectra 28mm flange (default). I'm not sure whether i should get a 24mm. TIA!

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Hi Grace, the suction is strong (maybe because i'm using spectra S1), i only pump to relieve so i pump for 3-5 mins each time. At times when i just want to try to empty my breasts, it doesnt do a very good job. Sometimes my breast seems like its emptied, but sometimes some lumps are still there. Half of my aereola gets sucked in as time goes by, i have been reading alot about choosing the right flange size but its really hard to determine when my pump experience was not that bad. I am just wondering whether a 24mm will do a better job.

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6y ago

It is worth the try for the 24mm if you can get it since you are used to your current pump.

Hi, from the picture, it looks fine.. only a small gap. When you pump, is it the suction not too strong to empty your breast? Or you find it difficult to pump the milk out? If it is difficult to pump, then you should get 24mm. Based on healthcare experts, the standard size should be 24mm (research from medela website http://blog.medelabreastfeedingus.com/2015/05/medela-breastshield-sizing-guide/#.VyAy7_l97IU)

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I referred to the diagram below. It seems that your flange is too big. You could also watch this to help to determined a better size of flange. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=68mPSvtdhcU

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Thanks everyone for your input! I bought 24mm just to try out, and it helped me yield 90ml more than usual. My nipples dont feel as sore too.