Hi mum, when do you stop giving formula milk to your lo? Is it necessary to give milk until stage 4?

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Most of my friends started introducing their babies to regular cow milk after their babies are past one year year old and gradually stopped formula from then on. There are some who continue to breastfeed exclusively till their babies wanted to wean off and they too, switched to regular cow's milk. Generally, as long as your baby is getting the adequate amount of nutrients, you can try stopping formula anytime you deem fit. I do have a couple of friends who are giving their children toddler formula, but that is because their children preferred the taste of formula (and they do not mind the cost) as compared to regular milk. Therefore, they moved on to toddler formula to ensure that their little ones could benefit from the balanced nutritional profile.

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I am still giving formula milk to my 5 years old. I tried to switch to cow's milk when she was 4 years old but she didn't like the taste. I wanted to switch her because formula is sweeter and hence, little ones might prefer that. I stopped insisting she must drink cow's milk so long she gets the nutrition she needs to grow. As this is the peak growing stage, getting enough calcium is important.

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My mommy friends are rather extreme -- they usually breast milk for as long as they can (usually past 1.5 years) and when they stopped, they switched baby to cow/goat milk. But those who do put their baby through the formula stage in between only switched to cow's milk when their child is older, around 2-3 years of age,

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Not necessary. More of a preference. You can opt for fresh milk once child is a year or older. You can also give goats milk or powdered milk of your choice. With that said as long as the child wants to drink milk, I would encourage you to continue giving.

I stopped after 1 year and switched to cows milk instead (Meiji). Now as a family we order milk from http://dairyfolks.com/

It's more of a preference. I gave them fresh milk after they turn 2.