Hi mommies. I am planning to start my small online business about go bags containing emergency go bag and hygiene go bag? Do you think this will be a hit?

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I personally believe that it will be a hit since I haven't seen one. I am fond of shopping online and would be one of your customers if ever. Besides, school opening is approaching and this is the season where sales of emergency and hygiene go bag will be on its peak. The school of my daughter requires a hygiene/grooming kit and I haven't bought one. It would be convenient if there such exists, I wouldn't have to buy each item separately. The crucial part of business is marketing. You must be able to get your shop visible specially on social media. Good luck on your The business!

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Hi Yvette! That would be a great idea. In my daughter's school they require our girls to bring their own go bags & hygiene kit for emergency purposes. They leave it in school and during fire & earthquake drills, the go bag is the only valuable they need to secure. There was a time we ran out of disposable underwear for her go bag! It is very hard to look for one that fits her so I just let her bring old underwears! Just make sure you can provide in bulks and not too expensive since most parents know how much it cost normally. :)

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Love the idea Yvette! ❤️ im not sure though if there's currently a high demand for it but I'm definitely interested! If I may suggest, i think you need nice variety of packaging that will entice people to buy them. And also, a well thought of marketing and advertising strategies should be executed to make the people believe/realize that they actually need it

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It sounds interesting and handy. Maybe you can show a sample of your personal go bag here (or on your facebook page) and see if the other mummies or your friends will be interested in getting one. Kind of like getting a poll to see if there's enough demand for you to put in the effort to source for suppliers and stuff? :)

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6y ago

Thank you for your suggestions :) Will take note of this.

Do you have a sample of how it looks like and what are the items included in it? While it is a great item to have, and something every household should have. I'm not too sure if there is a demand for it. Have you thought of how are you going to market and advertise it?

Hi Jacq. Thanks for your response. I only have photos of our personal go bag whenever we travel. Actually I'm in the process of making marketing plan for this. However, I am planning to advertise this through my social media accounts.

Hi :) I've started posting the survey online and hopefully I can get respond. Can I share it here as well?

No harm trying. You can try join [email protected] It's a platform for mummies entrepreneur.

Hi Joan. Thanks for the input. Happy to received feedback from moms here :)

And btw, i realized I need one of these for my little schooling girl! :)

6y ago

Great! I'll share your survey link with my mommy friends as well!