Are you keen of using diaper bags when you go out with baby or you put everything in your ladies bag?

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I used a $10 string backpack from cotton on and I liked it! It's black and unisex so I can ask my friends/relatives to help me carry it for a while and they can't complain about it being too feminine (haha!) and it's huge enough for me to dump everything in. My son's diapers, spare clothes, wipes and toiletries are in a smaller bag with compartments so I can just toss it in and take it out with ease. I also bring bottle, milk canisters and a flask in the bag and still have more space for shopping loots!

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I used to have a diaper bag with my first baby, but it has become inconvenient for me in the long run. As my babies grow bigger, I just put 1 diaper and baby wipes in my bag and the rest of her stuff are in the car.

I use a diaper bag too because there's more support on the shoulders, a normal ladies bag strap is too thin for comfort. Plus a diaper bag has all the wonderful compartments so it's easier to find things.

I use a diaper bag for better sorting compartments. I will not bring my own bag, I just stuff my things (wallet, keys and phone) which are not a lot in the diaper bag as there is a "mummy compartment".

I prefer a ladies' bag -- don't have to carry another big bulky one and makes sure that I don't overstuff it because well, with a diaper bag you tend to fill it up with stuff other than just diapers!

I prefer diaper bag! I hardly bring my own bag. Its so much easier to be organized with all the compartments. When you need something you could just grab it knowing where it is.

Diaper bags are good cause of the many compartments they have! But depends on whether you like things neat or not, if not a normal bag will do just fine.

I use a durable and big enough lady's bag. And organize everything in a ziplock. :-D I only use diaper bags when travelling and it has to be a backpack.

I prefer to put the small diaper bag into my medium own bag. So if néed just take the smaller bag out. Less bags to remember to bring out/back. :)

for me i use a ladies bag to put everything in neatly and organised. i feel there is not a need to spend such money on a diaper bag.