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Hi ladies, any tips for starting potty training?

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Perhaps you could bring your child to shop for his/her potty so he/she will be more inclined to use it. Before that, you could also read your child a book about using the potty to familiarise him/her with the routine of using the potty. Ultimate guide to potty training http://sg.theasianparent.com/he-ultimate-guide-to-potty-training/ Best potty training books http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Books-Childrens-Toilet-Training/zgbs/books/3247

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I would say depend on the child's readiness. My first born is ready when she turned 2 years old and prior to it i read up potty books with her. For my 2nd kid, i have tried many methods including role modelling from sister, motivational stickers and storytelling, he is just not ready for potty. Thus, you can follow your child's clue on readiness. Once they are ready, there are less power struggles and tears will happen.

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My old nanny gave me some really good advice. She said when my girl was around 15 months to start making her sit on the adult seat with the baby seat every morning after the first milk feed. This helps her to use the toilet, get her system in a routine....I tried it and it dis help. Otherwise anytime after 12 months...get them to sit on their potties :)

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Perhaps you can gauge the response of your LO to see if he/she is ready for potty training. For example, what we do is we started off by prompting our LO @2+yr old every 2hrs and seat her at the potty, this method works well for us as it cultivates a habit to use potty regularly in the daytime then gradually extend to night time.

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