Abacus class

Looking for Abacus classes near AMK/Bishan area - any suggestions? Private tutors are fine also.

Abacus class
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Some abacus centres like CMA offers abacus for kids as young as 3. Most of the abacus centres offer programme in English. You may want to read up more on abacus teaching methods as different centres use different types of abacus (in terms of number of beads) and memorisation rhymes. Some popular abacus centres include: CMA, 3G Abacus, Apple Plus School.

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Hi, you may want to try out the CMA centre in AMK: http://www.cma.edu.sg/about-centers.html

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Check your kids preschool. I know kinderland and mindchamps offers abacus classes as an elective

sent mine to Superman Abacus at AMK. www.supermanschool.com.sg

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Sent mine to CMA

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