HELP! I am having an internal struggle between traditional and montessori schools. My LO will turn 3 in late October. Right now he goes to ''school'' one day a week for three hours. His teachers are sweet, his faces light up when they see my boy, they read stories and sing and my boy enters with glee. It is like an extension of a mother's love! Many traditional preschools tend to have teachers like these, but lack a bit of structure. When I visit Montessori schools, I love that the kids seem so busy and capable. I love that manners and self disciple are taught. But everyone--kids and teachers-- seem so serious. Of course, I've only seen parts of the day, but I feel little kids should have a certain amount of ''joy'' in their day. Do you have any thoughts--pros/cons---from personal experiecne you'd like to share? Thanks so much! confused

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I think both types of schools are great but it is important to find that bit of balance for your child. All play and no structure is just as much of a problem as compared to a school with too much structure. Since your child is feeling happy in his current school, maybe you can share some of your concerns with the principal and hear what she has to say. If you are thinking of changing school, do take some time to visit the different schools and speak with the centre principal or director and understand how much emphasis is placed on structured learning and free play. At the end of the day, I think most importantly is that your child has to be happy going to school and learning. Hope this helps. :)

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I'm a firm believer that it's the student and not the school that makes the educational experience great. Most of my friends' children (and most of us) went to a traditional pre schools and they had a blast learning and making friends anyways. At that age, in mun opinion, children are too young to know the difference between structured and non structured play. Play time is simply play time to them haha. And from what I noticed, pre schoolers in general are always happy and having fun regardless of which school they attend.

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