Hello Mummies. My baby is 10 months old now and I'm doing BLW with her. Right now I am guiding her to self feed using fork and spoon for Rice with soup and when she's eating noodles. But she prefers to use her hands instead and will not drink the soup. How do i get her to hold the fork and spoon? She throws it every time I try :(

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One of my friends shared that she will help to teach her baby by placing her hands on her daughter's to guide her daughter. This will teach her daughter how to scoop the food and bring it to her mouth
Perhaps she is not ready yet. Some of my friends only started giving spoons and forks after 1 year old. Perhaps you can take a break from the utensils first (but perhaps just placing them on the table to let her see that they are available) so as to tak
Hi there, I found this baby feeding video on youtube (link below) and I found it super informative. It's important to establish the link between utensil and the mouth by lots of practice. Initially yo
Hi mummy, thanks for the link. I'll check it out and do as advised! Thanks heaps! :)