eating with fingers instead of spoon

Hi mummies. My 8 mth old eats well with her hand. However she has recently been rejecting spoon fed totally which makes it a real headache when it comes to eating porridge and cereal and eating outdoors. Even when we try to teach her to eat with spoon on her own and its not working. Any idea how I can better encourage her to accept spoon again?

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My girl started rejecting spoon at around 8 months old too. She constantly snatched the spoon and kept her mouth shut, so I end up having to switch her to BLW. now she is fully on BLW, occasionally I will hand her the spoon to teach her how to use it. most importantly, we shouldn't play tug of war or snatch the spoon away from her. Try standing behind her while guiding her hands to feed herself. I realise when I sit or stand in front of her to guide her hands, she will pull it away but if I stand behind her, my girl feel at ease.

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hehe :) That's a unique problem. But baby is still very small dear, do not worry. Try to eat with spoon in front of the baby, they pick up things from their parents very quickly. Talk to the baby about why spoon, Immitate eating with spoons. I m sure slowly the baby will learn :)

Hi, Please imitate eating from spoon in front of your baby. Babies keep observing their parents and learn very fast imitating them :)


Yeah. This isn't easy. Trying to have spoon time at all the family meals for a week maybe.

Do pretending games with kid ( eating with a spoon)