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My HCG level was 203 the first time I tested. The 2nd time was 2 days later at 283. 4 days later, it was only 483. My HCG level did not double at a start. Can HCG double after that? I went for a trans varginal scan. There is a pregnancy sac. Yolk sac not visible at 5 weeks 5 days. Quite worried about it. Gynae says now it is up to the baby. Anything I can do to up my baby's chance?

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Hi I have similar situation with you. First hcg 239 2 days later 449 4 days later 716 Going for a scan this sat. Just wanted to know what happen for your preg in the end?

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There's nothing u can do.. If gods will.. U can see the fetus soon...just wait for another checkup.. As its way to early also..