FamHealthy: Indeed Health is Really Wealth

Have you watch the webinar last Aug 11, 2020 the topic is all about "Gabay sa Quarantine Eating"? This topic enlightened me so much as we continue to live on a new normal. We are just contented to eat what we have at home whether canned, processed foods or sometimes we order at a fast food restaurant just to satisfy our cravings as well as becoming a bandwagon in patronizing fad/trendy foods that we see on internet. They looked yummy, delicious and visually attractive that we are so curious to try it out and even we do stress eating sometimes. As they say, stress eating is not totally that you're hungry, you just want to answer your emotion. Eating in excess is a form of addiction, out of normal you can eat it once in a while, or if you still want to eat healthy you can use or find other alternatives. You just need to know what are the substitutes. On the webinar I learned also the recommended salt intake. We only need 1 tsp of salt per day. For the white rice we can replace it with brown rice, and so much more that we can do. As what Doctor Lynn says "Eat less, Do more". Indeed "Health is really Wealth" especially this quarantine period. Let's try to eat healthy and stay healthy. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated😊. Haven't seen the webinar? Watch the replay here👇 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=220985479215674&id=250599504286 Siguradong marami kayong matutunan!😊 #FamHealthy #SanofiActs #TheAsianparentPHLive

FamHealthy: Indeed Health is Really Wealth
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very informative 🥰 dami ko natutunan.