Hi All, my baby is only 4days old and has a jaundice level of 211. Going for another test tomorrow. As my breastmilk has not kicked in full force, i do mix feed of breast milk and formula , any other advice to improve baby jaundice?

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Super Mum

Feed as much as baby can tolerate. The more baby poops, the faster the level comes down. Continue to top up with formula:) The jaundice level peaks by day 7, should come down after that gradually. Don’t worry too much:)

3y ago

That’s the estimated stomach capacity for now, but it might empty faster than 3 hours, so for newborns, don’t feed strictly every 3 hours. Feed on demand. Baby’s stomach capacity will also be increasing, and sometimes baby will do cluster feeding (eg. Feeding every 30min for 2 hours then taking a longer break from feeding while sleeping)