Has anyone used the cocoa butter skin therapy oil before? I ran out of bio oil - so bought this from the chinese sinseh shop near my home. Much cheaper than bio oil - about $13

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Hi, I have not used this brand before. You may want to check on the ingredients label on the product first to ensure no possibly harmful ingredients such as parabens and phthalates since they have been linked to everything from breast cancer to diabetes. Look for products with natural ingredients. I have been using Clarins stretch mark oil. It is formulated with aromatic essential oils and hazelnut oil rich in vitamins A and E. They are colorant and preservative-free. The hazelnut Oil locks in moisture to leave body skin soft and satiny-smooth. - See more at: http://m.clarins.com.sg/en/tonic-body-treatment-oil/C020101003.html#sthash.dJkoozHf.dpuf There are 2 types of Clarins products for stretch mark: oil-based and cream. I chose oil-based because it is more economical and can last longer compared to cream type. Some tips to share for a better results to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy: - start applying earlier even during first trimester - apply right after showering and gently massage in circular motion so the skin can absorb ingredients better - apply diligently twice a day if possible

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It's quite different - bio oil smell and colour pink is cute :)