Nipple stimulation during intimacy in 2nd trimester

Hi, I'm 22 weeks pregnant now and had some nipple stimulation during intimacy. Will this cause preterm labour later or other complications? Also, should this be avoided during pregnancy? Thanks. #pregnancy #firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls #intimacy #NIPPLE

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Don't worry just a little would do no harm if ure still in ur 2nd trimester and tt ur pregnancy has no complication so far. Only in the 3rd trimester aft 35 wks, will need to be careful. I was at my 39th wk, not dilated yet and my gynae encouraged my hubby to make love and do hand expression for the boobs to induce labour. 😆Eventually I only did the latter to store colostrum for my baby and labour started 3 days later.

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