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Hi guys, I am Angelique... A supervisor and mom for 2 kids, a thee yo and 4mos baby.. In past 4 years, I've been Into looking up for part time jobs due to my salary can't accommodate all our basic and monthly needs. I've tried Online selling, and I can Say that it's a good idea but wag lang po sa mga Di trusted.. I've been scammed for many times trusting payment first police before shipping the items, kaya nagrely na po ako sa Lazada..ive tried online jobs like Pay....kYou have to spend 1k for the memberships and after that you have to recruit for people to join you without products pa po yan.. Nakak invite ako yes, but, Nakakahiya at the same time kasi after how many months malalaman mo na lang na scam yun.. That's why I stopped joining online business without products and new in the market. But I'm still on Online Selling.. Until I found the right Company, the Right Business WHICH I can Highly recommend.. Its 60 years in the market globally.. Guys, in Business, hindi po pagSALI mo AY income agad.. You have to work for it,.. Ganyan po ang Real BUSINESS.. Don't believe in East Money na kikita ka kahit wala kang Gingawa.. I swear.. Its not Business.. Hope it gives you a little of Lesson. #roamingentrepreneur #neverendinglearning #businesswithpleasure #trustedbusiness

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Try to be an Financial Advisor sis sa isang Insurance company. It's a noble job where in you can help people thru financial literacy at the same you will earn also thru commissions. Pwede part time dahil commission base nman siya walang salary. So ung kikitain mo depende sa performance mo. Let me know kung gusto mo subukan 😁

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Salamat po sa advice, mommy! Tama, hindi talaga madali kumita ng pera, at mas maganda kung pinaghihirapan yung kinikita natin

interested poπŸ™‚..pls past me the in need a part time job..since im full time mom.. thanks in advance😊

3y ago

Message me po in my fb account.. Thanks

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Hi, sis, interested po, can you give me details, thanks

3y ago

Thank you for your interest, kindly message me on my fb account to accommodate you, thanks

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Thanks for sharing po