Vaccinations are all safe for babies?

Are we going to let the pediatrician inject all the vaccines for our baby based on the baby book? I've red some of the group talks to all mothers that some vaccines are not safe, other infants are dead because of the injected vaccines.

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Hi. Vaccines are not only safe, but necessary for the baby. They provide the baby necessary immunity to fight deadly diseases. Many groups of uninformed people are spreading unscientific information about vaccines. This has led to deaths by diseases like measles in areas of the US. So, better immunise your baby!

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We have experts and professionals for these kinds of things. If vaccines proven harmful or deadly, I think FDA won't approve it. Vaccines are actually essentials to avoid more deaths in infants and children due to diseases 😊

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Hello! Vaccines are safe and ensure that our kids are protected especially against preventable diseases. There are no scientific studies that prove claims na it can result to certain conditions or worse, death.

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Vaccines protect our child from various diseases and doctors know best when it comes to that. Personal opinion, best to complete all vaccines as per schedule 👍🏻

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Vaccinating our kids is one of the best ways to protect our kids. It also helps the community and prevents the spread of diseases.

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Vaccines are safe. Good for immunity and protection ni baby against various diseases.

moms safe po ang vacination