Car Seat for Babies 1 Year And Beyond

Hi, going to be FTM here. Just bought a travel system. However, understand that the infant car seat that can attach to stroller can only be used up till max maybe 1.5 years. I currently do not own a car but will depend on grab/taxi rides or use my father's car sometimes. Was wondering how to travel on cars once my baby outgrow the infant car seat as I notice the car seat for older babies or toddlers are not really portable. Any Mummies able to advise?

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We used the evenflo portable car seat till 4 (cheap and relatively light) and then booster seats after.

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5y ago

Hello! Sorry to ride on! I also have same concerns as her (the mummy who posted this question). I tried googling for the portable car seat you recommended. But it’s only for 4yo and above. Wonder if there’s any between 1.5-4? Thx thx

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taxi does not required you to have (portable) infant carseat, only grab etc does