Just Found Out I'm Pregnant Again

Hi girls, just found out I'm preg again after a mc a few months ago. Am really worried but trying to be positive. Any tips on what I should do/avoid? When is the best time I should go polyclinic to get referral to get a scan at KKH?

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I think it's best to go to polyclinic asap to get referral. Let them know you had a miscarriage before to get an earlier appointment at the hospital. I, too, had a miscarriage earlier this year and am pregnant again. So for a peace of mind best to go for scan asap. I had my scan done at 6 weeks at the hospital.

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3y ago

All polyclinics should be the same I think cuz under government. I just went to whichever was nearer my place.

Super Mum

Congrats dear ❤️❤️ please take your folic acid and get the referral asap to see if you need to take meds to stabilise the pregnancy. Don’t overexert yourself and rest more. Take things one step at a time okay?

3y ago

Thank you for your advice and kind words.. 💕💕