My girl is 8.5 months. Having flu. Doc gave nose drops n medication. Does not seem to work. Any other medication or remdies that help. TIA

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Here are some home remedies that may help ease blocked nose: - Steam: turn on the hot shower in your bathroom (and close the door) to generate steam. Simply sit in the bathroom with your child for 15 mins. - Vicks: rub regular or baby vicks on the soles of your child’s feet and then cover them with socks. You could also rub some on his/her chest and back. - Saline solution: purchase some saline solution for babies and children. Have your child in a position where his/her head is lower than his feet. Support his head (usually this may require help from another person). Gently squeeze one drop of the solution into each nostril. Give it one or two minutes for the solution to drain through the nasal passage. Your child will likely sneeze or cough out the thinned mucus. - Nasal aspirator: use a nasal aspirator to help suck the mucus out. - Vaporiser or humidifier: these will help moisten the air to help your child breathe easily. - Hydration: keep your child well hydrated. Chicken soup, water (for babies older than 6 months), milk and juice are great choices. These suggestions are taken from (page 2 and 3), do refer to the article for more information: Hope your baby gets well soon!

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How long have you given your daughter the medication? For different babies, it will take a while before the medication kicks in. I would follow doctor's instructions and finish the course of medicine first and see if there are any improvements. For flu, besides the medication, keeping baby hydrated and well nourished will help keep her strength up so her tiny body can fight the flu. Flu will usually pass on naturally so as long as you keep to the medicine, listen to doctor's advice and keep baby nourished and hydrated, she should recover soon enough. Hope baby feels better soon!

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Baby Vicks on sole of feet and wear socks. Apply on chest as well. However I am not aware of any science or reasoning behind it at all, maybe its somehow linked to reflexology and stimulating the areas of the feet.

Perhaps you wana consider seeking a second opinion. I will normally do that if my kids don't recover.