My 10 month old baby has been having flu for 2 months. Runny nose n coughing with phlegm. Took med for 2 months but doesn't seem to work. Turning to tcm. Is it ok to give pearl powder to reduce phlegm?

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Actually 10mo seems too young for tcm medication or herbs. impt to keep ur baby's shoulders n sole of feet covered... esp in infantcare or if baby sleeps in aircon room. as for main caregivers at home like u or daddy or grandma or helper... they should all wear masks to keep themselves fr catching it n passing bk to baby. mommy, are u still bf-ing ur baby? if so, u urselve must abstain fr cold drinks as it will be pass onto ur lo.. this advice was given by tcm physcian. so it is impt for u to watch ur own intake when baby is unwell if u are still nursing lo. hope ur baby gets well soon. jiayou.

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Hi there. Tcm do not advocate giving medicine to such a small baby. U can bring go yu guo tcm clinic at kembagan plaza for child tcm massage then they will give u the herbal powder for to just wear in a belt over the naval. It works quite well. I see my friend's kid "downtime" is shorter when sick

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Have u tried bringing baby to a TCM doc before? TCM have method of expelling phlegm by patting their back. I always pat their back during the cough episode. It helps to dislodge the phlegm much easily

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For phlegm I heard Hou Ning Powder is better. Is your baby in infant care or in close contact with people who are sick? Flu for two months seems very long. Also does baby sleep in air con room?

5y ago

yes shes in infant care..

Not sure about pearl powder. If it works for flu. What medicine have you been giving for the flu and phlegm?

5y ago

prospan and bromhexine...also used before vasican..