Any gd suggestion for 1 year lo birthday celebration. Intend to do it at home. Looking at catering, deco, some simple entertainment for lo. Hmmm reasonable prices.

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Frankly i feel the parties we mums do are often more for ourselves then our child. Children are very simple especially a one year old child. Nevertheless, its the first year! Anyways, i would keep it real simole, small toys wrapped up with shinny or glossy wrapping paper. Ballons as well... Babies somehow love ballons and mirrors. Just my thoughts.

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i agree with the mother above. if u are talking about ur 1 yo baby then it is more then enough. maybe some toys that sparkle? if ur baby is not afraid of strangers then balloon man is good. what i think is that for children, u can organise 1-2 games, standby 213 movies and then if weather allows - go to the playground! u can also push LO to playground. neo garden kind? depends on how many people too

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I do not have a big celebration though. But for simple entertainment, you can consider getting a balloon man? The kids will be able to watch and they get a balloon in return too

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I think it largely depends on what kind of celebration you're looking at, and how big you want it to be. I know of parents who book hotels/function rooms, get exquisite dessert tables and backdrops etc - but I also know of parents who were happy with just a small cake at home :) At 1yo, LO doesn't need much entertainment - in fact, you should aim to make your party short and sweet because it'll be a hell of a night for you if he/she gets over-stimulated. I only had a simple cake cutting with my parents, my LO and I at home - that was enough for our celebration. But I did have a buffet lunch (ended up being sponsored by many kind people) for needy families who also have members born in the same month, just as our way of giving back to society and everyone who has helped us along the way!

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