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Is your IELTS preparation time spent in indoors and online? While it’s not a bad thing, the best way to improve your pronunciation is by speaking English a lot. Take your preparation out into the real world. Try studying grammar by talking about it with friends or family members. Try watching or listening to your daily news in English only. Or, chat to people in shops, on the bus or any other public space. The idea is, the more English you speak, the better your pronunciation will become. massage and get your real certificate without test. WhatsApp.((+1 (720) 649-0240)) Gmail..(( [email protected] ))

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Burped! Where are you going with my milk bottle *proceed to doze off after milk*

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Omg, not again same dish everyday for 6 months already…. Breastmilk.

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Oh no. I can hear voice from my mommy and daddy .

OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! OH NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!

FML.. why am I here in this messy world again?!?

OMG!!!!!! I pooped in my pants again........

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Mummy! did u forgot my milk again?!?!!

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Mummy's milk so yummy I feel dizzy~~~ 🤤

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oh no... i did it again..sorry mommy....