Dr Freda Khoo or Dr Tan Kai Lit?

Hello! FTM here and will be going for her first gynae appointment thus would be great if reviews between Dr Freda Khoo and Dr Tan Kai Lit could be shared! Or things to take note/ask during first visit! Thank you in advance!

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FTM here! I choose Dr Tan KL as my gynae! If u choose him, not to worry! He will make you feel calm and relax.. trust me i was super nervous because i was "unexpectedly" pregnant at 14 weeks.. but he ensure that baby is all okay. He will always advice you to walk more, rest, eat well (which ive been gaining like crazy), oh and he have this loud cheerful voice!!! 😂😂😂. Dnt worry much if u choose him! His assistants are also super super friendly!!

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2y ago

I didnt have positive experience with him when i was in ttc mode. I had a friend who nearly died during childbirth as dr TKL has forgotten my friend has some condition.

Hi mummy, have u decided which gynae u are going with? I am currently with TAN KL, long wait at his clinic for morning session. I prefer to have the appointment in the afternoon. He talks fast but he will answer all your questions. It’s only my 2nd visit hence couldnt comment much Wanted to try dr freda as well but apparently she is on higher side

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I’ve been seeing Dr Freda Khoo for 5 months. Don’t have much interaction with her since each consultation takes just 5 mins (she doesn’t say much if you don’t have questions). So far all ok, just that they didn’t inform that consultation has increased from $80 to $90 this year.

with Dr Freda Khoo at 14 weeks. very friendly and reassuring. her recep staff are funny too. feel so welcome there.

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Go with Dr Freda. She is very friendly and can talk to you like a friend

I'm with Dr Freda Khoo, currently 28weeks. all good with her

Dr Freda khoo