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Did anyone go through c-sect by Dr Tan Kai Lit? How's the experience like and charges? What to expect during c-sect? #pleasehelp #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls

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I’ve gone through emergency csect with Dr Tan. He was very assuring and my scar healed very well. He also told me that he has applied some gel inside to prevent the scar tissue inside sticking to the other organs. I would say during your hospital stay, prepare adult diapers, compression stockings, tummy recovery binder, a thermal flask for your hot red date tea. Since I was suppose to have natural delivery but ended up with emergency csect, the total bill is about 18k

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7mo ago

Could you share how much you spend for the consults + tests + delivery?

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Hey mama, Found this: https://singaporemotherhood.com/forum/threads/gynae-recommended-dr-tan-kai-lit.255862/ I would, however, do a first visit and ask questions before making a decision. Being comfortable with your gynae is Uber important. Hope this helped!

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Dr. Tan Kai Lit is highly recommended for all your gynae issues, including menstrual issues, post and pre-pregnancy concerns (c-section delivery), infertility issues & more.