Any recommended gynae from TMC?

Was considering Dr Adelina Wong, Dr Geraldine Tan or Dr Tan Kai Lit. Anyone used them before?

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I delivered with Dr. Tan Kai Lit and had a very good experience! Dr. Tan is very skilled and up to date on the most cutting-edge techniques for pregnancy and delivery. Both my husband and I work in life sciences / healthcare and we were both very impressed by Dr. Tan's knowledge throughout the pregnancy, and liked how he was able to provide helpful suggestions like medications I could take to help relieve my nausea, without being too pushy. I am especially grateful to him for ensuring I had a safe delivery with as little pain and as much speed as possible. Although I ended up having to get an emergency C-section, thanks to Dr. Tan's skills I was able to recover very quickly (walking the same day, pain-free within 3 weeks). Would definitely recommend him to other expecting mums!

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I had Dr Tan Kai Lit deliver my firstborn naturally last year. I echo the other poster’s comments. He is skilled and not pushy. My son was delivered with the cord around him but Dr Tan was quick to get it off and there were no further issues. I was able to walk after 24 hours and pain free after 3 weeks. Overall a pleasant experience with Dr Tan.

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beside the skill, u should check their fees also, cos the big portion of the delivery cost is doctors fees

Mine was adelina won't. Not bad. No pkg tho.

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Mine was Dr Benjamin Tham

4y ago

How was ur experience

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Same same