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ftm 34 weeks and my bump is small. my last scan was during my 28 weeks and doc said baby size is quite small. im quite worried and overthinkin. does anyone face the same thing too?

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me too - when i went for my 32 weeks scan was told baby is only 1.6kg and on 4th percentile. really upset about this and was in tears yesterday when my SIL basically keep staring at my tummy and tell me it’s too small and my baby not absorbing nutrients. hubby tried to console me but i feel horrible. gynae told me to take more protein, eggs and avocado, i’m avoiding durians as i have GD as well. i’ve also been told to continue having carbs. so now really trying to increase my food intake and praying baby grows

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7mo ago

cheer up! you’re doing good! i tried drinking anmum milk eversince i went for detailed scan and baby been growing well eventho her size is still slightly small and doc advice to just eat more

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I have people commenting about my bump since 2nd trimester and it can get stressful so I tried to ignore such comments. So long as baby and me are healthy and I'm eating well as my body and baby tell me, I don't want such comments to affect my mood. I have bad heart burn and reflux if I try to force eat so I'm taking small meals, more meals instead.

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As long as baby and u are healthy then there’s nothing to be too worried about. Jiayous mama. 🙂

I had the same issue. I took lots of durians and chicken essence on the last few weeks