carrying newborn home

from the hospital, how do you carry newborn home? i’m thinking of getting a konny carrier. is it better to use konny or tula? and we have a car. so it’s better to place baby in the car seat right?

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I carried her home. Please don't use a konny for newborn. If tula pls have the newborn insert. But really, dont use carrier for newborn because they are not heavy enough and their back bones and hip bone are not strong enough yet. May cause hip bone misalignment if you use too early.

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Personally, I used the konny carrier only after the first month. I bought the Joie car seat, it's good! I carried my baby for peace of mind actually, because she was so small then we didn't want to strap her in the car seat.

I just carried baby in my arms all the way thru the car ride home, even tho we hv a car seat. As for the carrier, i have konny and ergobaby. Konny was more snug and comfortable for both baby and me. But now that my baby is 6 months, i put him in ergo.

I didnt use carrier and carried with my arms. As she was much fragile and soft then, started using konny when shes 1 month plus. Ergo only shes a bit bigger as its better to have an infant insert

No worries, just carry in arms, you will be too overwhelmed and afraid to put him or her into the carrier, they look so fragile newborn

I place my baby in the car seat and I sit beside her. I think it is safer this way. She sleep throughout the journey home!

We took taxi and carry in our arms. If u really want then place in carseat. I don't recommend konny for literally nb.

We carried our baby in our arms on the way home. Didn’t use car seat.

I bought doona, and put infant insert when we are going home.

Place baby in car seat and bring home. Have a Doona for it

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we swaddle our baby home in a cab. Heehee (: