Infant care

Hey folks! I am wondering if anyone here can share their experience with putting their kids in infant care. Like if they have any recommendations and comments on the curriculum, practices and especially on the caregiver and babies ratio. I heard it is about 1 to 5 and wonder how they managed?

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Super Mum

The maximum ratio is 1:5, private or reputable ones might cap it at 1:3. My 6.5 mo has been in infant care for close to 3 months now. I'd say trust the teachers, although I've witnessed a chaotic scenario of a teacher tending to 3 crying/screaming babies 😅 and probably 1 or 2 left unattended at times. Other than that they've been taking care of my baby well, they feedback promptly on issues they're concern with, like baby not finishing her milk, or baby not taking naps. Curriculum wise, they have activity plans laid out and parents are updated on them, they also send individual pictures of our baby attempting certain activities or even achieving certain milestones. At times i would think that i get so exhausted caring for my only child, what more for them - caring for a few kids that are not their own😃

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