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Sharing of car seat
Do you allow other children to share your baby’s car seat? We have car that sometimes our families borrow, and they have a baby and a toddler. Previously, our car can allow for their transport. But
I have an OCD so i wont. But being OCD isnt just the reason, newborn immune system is too weak. Id rather not share carseat.
Newborn immune system is still growing and such, they are very susceptible to catching germs and virus. Best to explain to the family that for the time being, the car will not be available for other u
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Better not
Hey, Better not to share
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Best not to...
Best Buy in Baby Fair.
Hi Folks! Just wondering what are the must buy / Best Buy items you had gotten in a baby fair :) I had work a simple list to prep for my first child when shopping in the upcoming baby fair. Please sha
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for me I'll actually compare price. baby fair is good in terms u cn see th physical item and got people to ask if you have question in mind
What do you have in your list already?
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Pre order is the best deal. Some of the item not cheap buying at baby fair. Eg. milk bottle kiddy Palace cheaper. Pampers online cheaper. Playpen pre order best price. Wet wipes online cheaper. M
Food poisoning during pregnancy
Has anyone had mild food poisoning during pregnancy before? What happened and what did you do?
I did. Vomitted 3 times, even plain water cant be digested. Went to see GP and ate the meds given (I did called my gynae to double confirm the meds given are safe for pregnancy)
I had got it once, I visted my gyne and had a only porridge and cooling food
Diarrhea lor
See gynae ASAP
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Happened at wee hrs n ended up in ED. On drip + injections. Ok to take charcoal
Baby moon and push present
Curious to find out: 1) Did anyone go for Babymoon and where did you go? If you are planning one feel free to share! 2) Do you have a push present? Or do you expect one or will give to your wife?
Did go for staycation at local hotel for baby moon because I have 3 kids also. Push gifts good to have but not a must. Previously hubby bought bags and rings so not expecting him to give. Give me cash
Both is good, but a push present is more worth it as your Husband should reward you a big present for carrying your fruit of labour for 10 months 😂
No and no. Probably don’t feel necessary for me. Prefer if my Husband give me stocks :P
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1. Initially planning to go somewhere but now feel lazy and just want to stay home. 2. It's definitely good to have one!
Wanted go for a trip but im too low energy on normal days, love cash hahah so that will be my push gift
Deep Cleaning of Baby Cot/ Baby car seat
Hi Does anyone have any recommendations for deep cleaning service of baby cot / baby car seat? I am going to receive a baby cot and wonder if I can get deep cleaning for it.
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First Few Years Singapore
Infant care
When do you start looking for an infant care? I am thinking of putting my child in infant care aftemy maternity and I am in my second trimester.
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Thanks all!
Fro… trimester 2 onwards as plan B
Have to book in advance if u are really keen! Most sch allows u to place deposit and reserve a place in ur name first
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Start reading review and school tour bef u pop ^^
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Best is near ur work place or ur house.
Restless nights...
Hi Anyone experience daily vivid dreams / nightmares when pregnant? Also, do u have like times when u wake up to pee but can’t seem to fall back to sleep? If you share the same experience, are yo
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I had nightmare almost every single night during my first tri. but it slowly goes off when I'm at 2nd tri..
Yes... i had the same problem you encounter. Mainly having alot of bad dreams during my 1sy trimester. For sleeping problem, it will b hard for me to fall back to sleep if i wake up to toilet. All i
Mine was during my third trimester..
I have vivid dreams and some days I will just on some calming music to relax myself to fall back to sleep, it will be hard but definitely help a little as your mind is more relax.
I experienced it too. I had a hard time falling back asleep after waking up to use the toilet.