How Did You Find Out?

First time preggy here at 16weeks! How did you find out you were expecting? ? Were you delayed? Maybe feeling the symptoms? Or was it a gut feeling? As for me.. It was a gut feeling! I was not delayed yet. But i had an instinct to try a pregnancy test. Then tadaaah! It was positive! My pregnancy so far is going smooth. No morning sickness nor cravings at all.. Always hungry though ?

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terrible cramps that lasted for days.. thought some cyst had ruptured or something. went to the doctor and he started asking pregnancy related questions so i thought i might as well try a test kit. turns out was 5 weeks preggy already

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Congrats! You're one of the lucky ones who have no symptoms 😆. My period was only 3 days late and I felt slightly nauseous. But I wasn't trying to have a baby so it was a gut feeling too.

Menses delayed. Then I waited for another 1 week to test. The result was a very faint line. I waited for another 1 week to test again. It became very obvious.

menses and feeling super cold and unwell. went to take pregnancy test and faint line came out. thereafter, went to GP for a blood test to confirm

Same for me. Did not experience any morning sickness until the 3rd month when I started to feel mild nauseous.

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nausea and loss of appetite