KKH A1 Ward for delivery

Hello mummies, I've been hearing about that if I chose to deliver in A1 Ward, my baby will be classified under private patient. Does that mean that in the future, we can't choose C/B ward if anything happens? (E.g few years later) thanks!

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hi i work at kkh and not true! u can actually let the DS staff know that you just want to upgrade the room but remain as a subsidised patient! but make sure to be very clear and specific!

2y ago

yes thats right. last i remembered a number of days ago we heard that the chances of getting an a1 ward for the next few months is slim, but you can still try. u can deposit first for an a1 ward but if there’s no availability they’ll put u in whatever next available room there is and they’ll refund the necessary deposit amount back.

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Yes of cos. If in future, you are admitted again, its a totally different admission and will get to choose your prefered ward and gyne.

Yes unless u go get referral from polyclinic