Nappy rash

Any advice on best nappy rash that I can get over at pharmacy? I've been using bepanthen and drapolene for my LO. But recently it got worse. . causing some abrasions and tear near the back area.

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Super Mum

Hey mama! Poor bub! Do try the Desitin max strength to help that rash go away quickly. Try to air baby’s bottom after a bath for a short while before putting the diaper on too :) see if the tear needs to be treated with some chlorhexidine just to clean the wound. This you can dab on with a piece of cotton or cotton bud.

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You can try to do 2 layers. Vaseline first, then desitin. Drapolene is okay on normal days, but when there’s a bad rash, it’s not really helpful. Zinc oxide is the ingredient that will help with the rash, but drapolene doesn’t have much of it. I did the 2 layer method when baby had diarrhoea. Cleared within 2-3 days

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desitin works for my twins since day 1. Blue for everyday and purple for bad to worse diaper rash. Treat it fast before its turn black and scar. every 2hrs or once you see your LO pee or poop, quickly change as it is acidic.

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try to use water instead of wet wipes

Desitin works best. And of course, frequent diaper change. I would air dry my baby’s bum for a bit after shower before wearing the diaper too.

Desitin works. And use water to rinse instead of using wipes. Also to make sure the butt is dry before putting on diaper

Desitin. My boy wil have diaper rash once in awhile. It helps to clear in 1-2 days

Personally I find timely change of diapers is most important. Esp with poo.

sudocream...used for my 3kids