Small gestational sac, slow hcg

Hi all I am 6 wks 3 day preg today. My hcg levels were rising but not doubling previously. I did a scan at wk 5 and doc mention could see gestational sac but were smaller than expected. Another scan at wk 6 saw gestational sac(6mm) + yolk. The gestational sac measures 5wk 2 day old even though it was 6wk. Doc still say my gestational sac is too small. And is pessimistic about the situation saying I have less than 50 percent chance for a viable pregnancy. May I know if anyone has similar situation in the past with a sucessful pregnancy? Or anyone similar situation resulted in miscarriage? #pleasehelp #firstbaby #1stimemom #ivf #ivfquestions #advicepls #ivf #gestationalsac

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hi i am in a similar situation as you. i just did my first scan and I was supposed to be measuring week 6 day 4 but my gestational sac measured only week 5 day 3. There was no yolk sac and heartbeat. Mine is a ivf case and the estimated date of week 6 should be very accurate and my doc said that I am measuring behind and advised that the pregnancy may not be viable. My betas were 169 and 1410 at 12dp5dt and 19dp5dt respectively and were low as per the doc. I am supposed to return for another scan next week. just wondering how did yours turned out if you don't mind sharing?

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Did gynae count your pregnancy from last menstrual period (LMP) or last ovulation? If it’s LMP, it’s well known to not be accurate measurement especially if you have irregular periods. Better if it’s calculated from last ovulation - if you track it diligently all these while then it is more precise measurement of the true gestational age.

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