Been throwing up non stop at 10 weeks pregnancy

The feeling when you are so hungry but you can't think of any food. Tried to eat a small meal but I keep on vomiting. I even cried cause I'm extremely hungry. Does any of you mummies out there feel this? How do you overcome it?

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Yeah i do, my first trim was hell, i can't even shower properly. i have to open door to shower as the heat make me nausea. They say eating plain crackers help. Kinda help me a little but not much, maybe you should try eat a few bite and stop. Like just really min amount. that what i did. i also try to drink warm milo and warm water to ease it.

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Go gynae take diclectin it helped me before that I was puking every half an hour cannot stomach anything down but after taking diclectin I will just keep gagging in toilet at least food and water doesn’t come out. It’s impt we eat and drink for the baby

I drank hot milo and hot ginger tea too. If it gets very bad, can ask ur gynae for anti nausea pills. Mine is taken once a day, 2 pills at night. Quite expensive though, $36+ for 2 weeks' worth

You can ask your gynae for pyriodoxine, it really helps me a lot with my vomiting and constant nausea. Ive been drinking warm milo with crackers too. Eating fruits helps too.